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Little Grebe ( Tachybaptus ruficollis )

Observed: 21st February 2010 By: YenidomYenidom’s reputation in Birds
Little Grebe01
Little Grebe02

Observed frequently diving.

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little grebe

You'll need to provide a brief description if you want this record confirmed. How big was the bird? What colour was it? What shape was its bill?

Bob Ford

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Little Grebe

To further help in identifying this bird I can say that it was larger than a Blackbird and smaller than a Mallard Duck - It was a slightly brown/greyish colour and the beak was hard to make out due to the frequent diving. I entered the criteria into the RSPB site and the nearest, closest match that showed up was a Little Grebe probably in its winter plumage - I then checked on various bird photographic links, libraries and books and this is the best identity that 'fitted' what the bird was doing and what it looked like. The bird was on its own and wasn't being bothered by other birds. I can't explain the white 'patch' towards the rear and this has caused some confusion. Any help gratefully received.

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