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Dragonfly seen near Crowborough, Sussex.

Observed: 9th August 2011 By: ECO21STECO21ST’s reputation in Invertebrates
Odanata seen near Crowborough, Sussex.

A rather greenish looking dragonfly seen on Sussex woodland ride. Approx. 6cm length.

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Common Darter, female.

Yellow stripe on legs is the easy give away.

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Dragonfly seen near Crowbough

any possibility that it might be Orthetrum?

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Classic Common Darter

No, not really; the eye colouration, relatively plain thorax side and those half-segment lines on the side of the abdomen are classic female Common Darter.

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When did Sympetrum become

When did Sympetrum become Staurastrum? I only know Staurastrum as a planktonic desmid. Though it is permissible to have the same genus for a plant and an animal.