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Bitter bracket

Observed: 17th August 2011 By: jja28
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Bitter bracket (Postia stiptica) - Merryfield Mines 17 Aug 11

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I'm not sure this is Postia.

I'm not sure this is Postia. It looks wrong to me in both shape and colour. How did you conclude this was the correct ID? What was it growing on?

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I would agree that it looks

I would agree that it looks wrong for Postia. Piptoporus betulinus seems a better choice but other photos would help.

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Postia ID

Thanks for your comments. I wasn't certain so from the feedback I guess my ID was incorrect. I simply referred to a basic Field Guide so perhaps should have investigated further. The fungus was growing on a rotting tree stump in a wooded area on the edge of moorland in the Yorkshire Dales.