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'Long nosed' Hoverfly?

Observed: 16th August 2011 By: rcscorerrcscorer’s reputation in Invertebratesrcscorer’s reputation in Invertebrates
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I had stopped to look at an isolated patch of Marsh Woundwort - Stachys sylvatica - when I noticed this fly with the striking orange/chestnut coloured abdomen. I know little about flies but it seems it has to be Rhingia campestris - unless my Collins Complete British Insects is not as 'complete' as it claims!!!!

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Rhingia campestris

I do not know what is in the Collins Complete British Insects but there is a second Rhingia - rostrata. They are distinguished by the presence or absence of the black band around the side of the abdomen. The one you have photographed has it - so is R. campestris.


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Thanks Keith. Collins

Thanks Keith. Collins Complete British Insects (Chinnery) is full of helpful pictures for novices like me!!! He does mention R. rostrata without the black bands. Amazing what you can see when you are looking at something else. Thanks for the help. Richard