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Add an "I agree" button to the "Browse Observations" page?

At present, if I want to look at any Observations that have been posted I have to go to "Browse Observations" and then scroll down the list. When I find one I want to "Agree" with I click on the Observation - go to the Observation page - click "I agree", then go back out to the "Browse Observations" page. I do it this way because a) its the quickest way to go through all the posts and b) there is no limit on how many pages I can look through - if I go to "next" from within an Observation I eventually hit a limit and can go no further.

Would it be possible to put an "I agree" button on the "Browse Observations" page please. This would make it much quicker for people to add agreements by scrolling down the list - I only really want to go into the Observation itself when I want to look at the photo or revise the Observation.



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Strange you should suggest

Strange you should suggest this as the same idea occurred to me just yesterday. Needless to say, therefore, I think the idea is an excellent one! In fact I would go further and say that we might re-think how browse works so that it is easier to do a lot of things via that. (I have in mind how search works on a certain online supermarket website, name beginning and ending with 'O').

Now you will want to know when we will do this! Well, don't hold your breath. The number of developments is rising as our funding from the lottery is diminishing. We are working very hard to fill the financial gap (and you have no need to worry about the survival of iSpot itself - that is secure thanks to the OU).

Meanwhile, spread the word about iSpot. The more people use it, the easier it is for us to get money from foundations and so on for development.

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Very bad idea

There are too many misidentifications that get perpetuated already because folks evidently don't look at the posted photograph at full resolution before adding their agreement.


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I mostly look over the inverts and herps Observations, it's not been my experience that these two areas have a lot of "I didn't look properly" identification, but more along the lines "I looked but my level of experience is such I missed a critical ID point", which is one of the things I-spot is here to address / improve.

There are a lot of inverts (eg butterflies)that are posted on here that are really just "yes - yes - yes - yes" agreements, its those sorts of Observations I wish I could handle faster.


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Something to bear in mind

Something to bear in mind here is that all agreements are weighted by the relevant reputation of the giver. Thus, if I agree with a det in say invertebrates, its is worth a small fraction of a point, whereas if an expert does so it is worth a whole point. The Likely ID is determined on these points and so is also weighted accordingly.

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