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Some garden bug

Observed: 28th June 2009 By: jb23347

Found this digging in my garden, can anyone help identify it? (Sorry not a brilliant photo, it is about 1 inch long, and has pincers on mouth - looks agressive!)

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Larva of Cockchafer (= May Bug)

These look very similar to Stag Beetle larvae, but if it was in soil, and given your location, Cockchafer is more likely, and the longer, thinner appearance also suggests Cockchafer. They are quite aggressive towards plant roots, but are not meat-eaters (although I'd still think twice before putting my finger too near its jaws!).

There is some excellent information on these larvae on Maria Fremlin's Stag Beetle website, see:

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Many thanks for the identification - my son will be taking the bug into school today to show his friends, and now will be able to impress them with some knowledge as well!