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Insect 004

Observed: 17th August 2011 By: mosherj
Insect 004
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This horrible thing came to visit and got swatted. I've never seen another one but it resembles some type of hornet, we have those around here in small numbers, they attack our outside light every night.
On this creature, what appears to be a sting of sorts is over 10mm in length.
Does anyone have any ideas as to what this thing is?

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Not horrible, but a very

Not horrible, but a very impressive insect. And totally harmless except to a lump of dead wood. Despite some names and its looks, it is a sawfly, not a wasp, and the sting is an ovipositor (egg-laying tube).

They will be attracted to lights, as many insects are, but the solution is either to switch the light off, or admire what it pulls in. Either way, I hope the next one will not be swatted!



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