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What is this?

Observed: 17th August 2011 By: lalows2
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Might be something that has been floating in the sea and got barnacles on it or it might be a marine creature, or part thereof, possible a much larger barnacle perhaps. At first looked like a piece of antler!

  • Barnacle (Balanus species)
    Confidence: I'm as sure as I can be.
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another barnacle

Pretty sure it's a larger species of barnacle. Some of the lower shore species can reach up to 6cm in diameter.

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I am not certain that it

I am not certain that it would be a barnacle from the lower shore because of the species of barnacles on the specimen itself, which appear to be from the higher shore.
I wondered if it was a species of limpet but it doesn't resemble anything I am familiar with.

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The smaller barnacles

The smaller barnacles attached look like semibalanaus balanoides which is found from the middle shore downward.

Limpet shells aren't open at the top and if you look at the inside you can see the separate plates of the shell, which indicate a barnacle.

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It was found floating about in a pool left by the tide under one of our piers so could have been washed in from anywhere.
I'm happy with it being a larger species of barnacle and will do some more research. Not something we've found before in 7 seasons of beach-combing with childrens' groups.

Thanks all

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