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Seagrass [a]

Observed: 16th August 2011 By: ranon.2011ranon.2011’s reputation in Plantsranon.2011’s reputation in Plantsranon.2011’s reputation in Plantsranon.2011’s reputation in Plants
16.08.2011 Sea grass [a] (3)
16.08.2011 Sea grass [a] (3) 1

After slightly rough seas overnight, this was everywhere along the beach between high and low tide. About 15mm broad.

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Likely please

Only when the new ID become Likley will the Taxonomy panel complete. And then we will see Other Observations as well. Whist Mike Kendall's ID is right, the ID panel has not completed because zostera species is the Scientific name - one should aways use the drop-down menu when the scientific name is in the UKSI dictionary - I have.
I am not looking for 'points' here but would like to see more of these 'faulty' posts put right in the Marine section. This is a marine plant, though not a seaweed, but as such it should have the descriptive tag Marine and, maybe seen in the Marine Habitat, as opposed to Coastal.
I am here researching because I will post my Zostera marina in the next few days.