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Observed: 16th August 2011 By: ArthurTS
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Brilliant green, ca. 5cm long. Distinctive face and hook at the tail. On a fuschia plant with no sign of leaves being eaten. Plant is in a plant pot alongside a main road through the village.

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more certain since I've seen linked pics now on page base,

this looks young as they get darker as they mature, I think.I found a pupa that had probably fed on a large planted fuchsia as I found it a couple of metres away but most cats.move off to pupate.I decided to try & hatch mine as it was at risk from disturbance.I had lots of helpful advice from Ispot users & other sites they told me about.Sadly it died before hatching after surviving for some months.Another time I might have placed it right under a bush & left it although I would not say this if I had been successful would I? Hope you find this comment soon This is a v.v.good site in my experience.Can you change your category to insects as it is under a Question mark one?

Hazel Trevan

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I'm going to edit this observation so that it appears in the "Invertebrates" section, where more people will see it, rather than "Other organisms" - hope that's okay.

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