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Big fat green bug

Observed: 28th May 2009 By: jason.birtjason.birt’s reputation in Invertebratesjason.birt’s reputation in Invertebrates
huh web

I have no idea what this is! Been through a couple of insect guides but I'm not very good at IDing insects so I may have missed something.

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No Idea

I have no idea either!

Beth BR

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Oil Beetle larvae

The larvae of Meloidae or Oil-beetles are brood parasites of solitary bees, so you don't see them above ground except in the first instar tringulum stage

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Indeed - Meloidae was a bit of a guess and the other i.d. did jog my (at the time) failed memory!

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Matt, I agree that it's a bloody-nosed beetle, but do you know if the larva of the Lesser Bloody-nosed Beetle (Timarcha goettingensis) is similar? I don't know!

I think the location makes Timarcha tenebricosa more likely.

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I think the larvae of

I think the larvae of Timarcha goettingensis are very similar and probably occur in similar habitats. This is certainly much greener than T. tenebricosa larvae I've seen before, although I doubt colour is a defining character.

Rob Coleman

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Timarcha larvae

I've had a bit of a trawl on the web and found various images of green Timarcha larvae, including a couple of non-British ones. I can't find anything about how to tell them apart (the colours do seem to vary in intensity), so maybe a revised id to 'Timarcha' would be appropriate unless anyone else knows how to separate them?

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Cox (2007) gives a reference

Cox (2007) gives a reference for seperating these larvae, but it is in a rather obscure academic text (Novel aspects of the biology of Chrysomlidae (1994), Jolivet, Cox and Petitpierre eds.). I don't have this one on my bookshelf and I reckon you probably can't tell them apart from a photo anyway!

Rob Coleman

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Jolivet et al

Not surprised it's isn't on the shelf as it's over £300... one for an inter-library loan.

I also pretty certain that they can't be separated by photo.

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Been trying to identify the same bug

Saw the same bug on the coast path in Pembrokeshire this weekend, much greener than all the pix I've found of the Bloody-nosed Beetle larva.

Elisabeth Edwards