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Observed: 2nd August 2011 By: sevenoysterssevenoysters’s reputation in Birdssevenoysters’s reputation in Birdssevenoysters’s reputation in Birds
warbler ????
warbler ???? 1

Small bird like a warbler. On disused viaduct above a river. Mixed woodland and scrub below. Just the one rather poor photo I'm afraid.
Viaduct habitat shown in 2nd photo. Rainy day.

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re ID -

thanks for your ID - my original ID Notes are not shown on this page now (don't know why not) but I was curious about the orange/yellow markings on the Warblers legs above the 'knee'. Are they part of the plumage or has the bird picked up this from brushing against something ? If it is part of the normal plumage this should be a key ID marker but none of my books refer to it. Any comments ??

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I think they are just fresh yellow feathers and no more than that. At this time of year, adults are freshly moulted and juveniles the same, so all look very bright. Any orange will just be a trick of the light, I suspect. They won't be an important ID feature, as other warblers have similar.


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thanks to ophrys ( always very helpful ) and other Identifiers