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Mystery Mushroom

Observed: 30th July 2011 By: The_Kingfisher

This is a strange mushroom I found in my garden...and I'd like some help identifying it please! Sorry for the poor photo it was taken at dusk on my phone.


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This is an interesting one -

The black interior suggests a Scleroderma, but the surface is unusually smooth.

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I agree with both those

I agree with both those comments. Possibly Scleroderma bovista though the skin does not look particularly thin as it should be in this species.

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If you find any more dig them

If you find any more dig them up and show us if it has a network of roots attached to the base to form a pseudostipe.

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Here is a link to a photo of

Here is a link to a photo of an Earthball - maybe Scleroderma verrucosum - - taken last year at Alton Water, just down the road from East Bergholt. It is a bit lighter in colour, but seems to splitting in about the same way (rather like a baked potato!)

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Thanks for the comments everyone! I've looked at photos of the Scaly Earthball on Google and the majority of those that came up had the cracked rough style skin, and I've seen these growing in my garden before, so I reckon this one was just a bit of a strange one!