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Observed: 28th January 2010 By: bethpawprintsbethpawprints’s reputation in Birds

I found a dead starling in the snow - may have died of the cold or maybe stavation. One of the possible causes is that it died of old age.

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If ANYONE from Admin comes here, then I'd like to see posts like this consigned to 'Archives'. Without these, the site, when 'filtered', would run far better . There are maybe hundreds of posts made by one- or two-timers, often years ago and which contribute nothing, or worse, to the site.
Of course Beth if you return you would be very welcome. All this post requires is a picture - this would them promote some useful activity.
Out of sheer devilment I have agreed, making it incredibly Likely - it MUST be a starling, unless it's a wayward Nutcracker or painted blackbird.