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Observed: 10th August 2011 By: FrancineFrancine’s reputation in Amphibians and ReptilesFrancine’s reputation in Amphibians and Reptiles

I don't know who was more surprised, me or this snake that was cooling itself in the flush at Burley Mill Lawn.

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People associate -

grass snakes with wet habitats, but adders will swim when they have to (to reach females or feeding territories). I've never seen on deliberately cooling off in wet areas, though. Presumably it has been a bit warmer and sunnier down south. It wouldn't be difficult...

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Not really

We had a few warm days where the temperature managed to stagger to up to 21degC. We did see some sun but there was an almost constant north-westerly wind!

The snake was certainly in the wet area when we startled each other....

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Adders will also move into

Adders will also move into wetter habitat during the summer too, as there is often more prey available in these areas.