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Observed: 13th August 2011 By: AJCannAJCann’s reputation in InvertebratesAJCann’s reputation in Invertebrates

Unidentified moth, bright orange underside.

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No interactions present.

Species with which Jersey Tiger (Euplagia quadripunctaria) interacts


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Could you not have just agreed with my id, or are you one of those people that just wants points?

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If you'd take the time to look

... at the time stamps, Will, before getting shirty, you'd notice that we both submitted ids at exactly the same time. It's a feature of non-conversational web systems, I'm afraid.

However, despite your rather ungenerous reaction, I will be more than happy to agree with your id.

I wish you all the best,


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I will admit that i didn't check that, i will withdraw my comment, it just seems to be happening a lot as im sure you may have come across. Sorry about that chap

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Apology accepted

... and yes, it has happened to me on numerous occasions, too. I'm sure we all suffer in equal measure. I do agree that it is annoying when it does but I understand why it does.