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Odd ball

Observed: 12th August 2011 By: FenwickfieldFenwickfield’s reputation in Fungi and LichensFenwickfield’s reputation in Fungi and LichensFenwickfield’s reputation in Fungi and LichensFenwickfield’s reputation in Fungi and LichensFenwickfield’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
Odd ball
Odd ball 1
Odd ball 1 2
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Odd ball 1 2 3 4

Thought it was a Puffball but growing from the exposed root of a Scot's Pine,only one solid,dense and had weight to it when cut I notices a couple of sulphur yellow patches showing liquid I think but only when i uploaded the pictures.


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False yellow truffle?

These are whitish at first and associated with pine woods.

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Thank's Janet
It was bugging me and that would explain the yellow,shame it wasn't a real one as there edible,not that I would try one.


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So if it is 100mm across

is it Rhizopogon luteolus? One source says 30mm another 50mm.
There is a slug, Arion subfuscus, second picture top right. Likes to eat this fungus?

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Spot on

Thanks Martin
I have had a look at it on google,mine must have not been fully mature the soil was sand under Scot's pine right size also the spots of yellow.It says mainly Scotland but I am Northumberland and not that far from Scotland as the crow fly s.I think it's up to you to put a revised id on, as your the one who spotted what it was and I will then agree.
Thanks for solving it as it bugged me not knowing.


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Oh... didn't think of the

Oh... didn't think of the False Yellow Truffle... anyway I'll leave it to the experts to add that Revision :-)

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definitely a Fungus

I am 100% sure it is NOT a nut or seed it is a fungus,will have a look and see if it comes back and bring it home for further investigation.I am so sure about it not being nut or seed as horticulture was my profession.It is still interesting to here peoples opinion's



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There was no question of your observation being a nut or a seed

Refers to the Hampshire specimen http://www.ispot.org.uk/node/7935

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I've agreed Rhizopongon to

I've agreed Rhizopongon to change the "likely ID" and avoid the embarrassment of seeing all those "Other observations" of Giant Puffballs!

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abnormal fruitbody

Not sure from this image at all, but there is the possibility of a fruitbody developing in a way it usual does not. And in some cases undifferentiated growth can just end up in such a structure as shown here.
A microscopic examination of this 'puffball' would probably be needed (if not more) to see details and get some idea about what it is.