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Side by side Fruticose

Observed: 17th February 2010 By: Eddy Lerpiniere...
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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Two Different Fruticose On A Tree

Two different species of Fruticose side by side on a tree by Jubilee Lake, Thatcham Nature Reserve


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  • Ramalina farinacea & Ramalina fastigiata
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Wow - fruticose lichen!!

Thanks for your photo of the fruticose lichen. I explored my village and could only find crutose and foliose lichens. Have you seen any other examples of fruticose lichens or was this the only one? Any tips on where to find them?

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Left is Ramalina farinacea,

Left is Ramalina farinacea, right is Ramalina fastigiata

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I'd say you were spot on as

I'd say you were spot on as usual