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Grey Crustose With Black Stripes

Observed: 17th February 2010 By: Eddy Lerpiniere...
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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Grey Crustose With Black Stripes, On A Tree

Grey Crustose on tree bark with apparent black stripes through it, presumably another Crustose


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Centre and lower right could

Centre and lower right could be Lecidella elaeochroma - patches of grey-green thallus with blackish discs

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Your ID

From my ID chart the name you suggest shows up as a green Lichen with black, whereas Arthonia radiata is the same colour as my example. What do you think?


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Lecidella elaeochroma is most

Lecidella elaeochroma is most horribly variable and the thallus can be greenish, greyish or white!

Your photo isn't of Arthonia radiata as the apothecia are the wrong shape - if you compare yours with the A. radiata photo linked below you'll see the difference:

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See what you mean. Is this

See what you mean. Is this also very variable in colour and shape as I'd have thought the FSC would show something like the picture you've identified instead of one the one I've mistakenly ID'd?

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One of the biggest

One of the biggest difficulties with identifying lichens is their variability.
Crustose species are the hardest to accurately identify and very often the only certain way is by microscopic examination of the spores.

Bearing that in mind my suggestion of Lecidella elaeochroma was a 'possible' rather than a 'definite'!