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Brown Foliose

Observed: 17th February 2010 By: Eddy Lerpiniere...
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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Brown Foliose On A Tree
Brown Foliose On Tree 1

Brown Foliose found on a tree in a flats complex garden


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Hi Eddie - it might be

Hi Eddie - it might be Parmelia sulcata but it could also be a Physconia, really need to see lobe details!

Congrats on some really good lichen photo's but would it be possible to add additional ones that would give close-up details of the lobes?
The presence or absence of white lines or dots, soredia or isidia (for vegetative reproduction) and apothecia (jam tart-like discs) are vital ID pointers.

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I think the soredia over the

I think the soredia over the lobe surface rather than the edges and the lobe shape make it Parmelia sulcata