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Unidentified bird

Observed: 12th August 2011 By: David S
Unidentified bird

About the size of a starling but with different plumage. Has been observed frequently on the lawn of our garden. I'm sure it's a common species but I can't find it in our bird books.

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Could it be a young starling? The beak certainly looks like that of a starling

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Juvenile Starlings are completely different to adults, being entirely dull, greyish-brown in colour. As the autumn approaches, they start to moult into an adult-type plumage, which your bird is doing. The breast has a few, new adult-type feathers, black with white tips. They are unusual in that the juveniles moult all their feathers at this stage...most juvenile small birds do not moult their main wing or tail feathers, just their body feathers.


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