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Observed: 8th August 2011 By: mikewightmikewight’s reputation in Invertebrates
ShieldBugSZ33851-87418GoldenHillFreshwater080811a1[mc] 1
ShieldBugSZ33851-87418GoldenHillFreshwater080811a1[mc] 1 2


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Eurogaster Notes

There are very similar species which are E. testidinuria and E.maura which may require differentiation under the microscope looking at the genital plates ( their relative size is different and can therefore can be masked by sexual dimorphism ) However in these shots at high resolution the key feature is visible a deperession or groove running along the lenght of the protomom for that reason in absence of genital dissection I would say it is most likely E. testidinuria a which is also the more prevalent of the two species It however is a tricky call requiring familiarity with these two species as these characteristics do not always hold fast