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Thick and robust shell.

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Names and links

You did well to ID a partial..
It is amazing that the ID panel has completed using on the Common Name - thank GOODNESS for Common Names!
There are some serious issues with the naming of the Pullet Carpet Shell.
iSpot's preferred name is Venerupis senegalensis but it also accepts Venerupis saxatilis or Venerupis pullastra.
None of these seem acceptable to the world authority of WoRMS**, which clearly only sees Venerupis corrugata as being correct. Not for the first time I have discovered that the 'correct' name is not in the UKSI, nor CoL, nor even the SANBI dictionary.
Dave Fenwick knows a bit about Marines, he keeps his options wide with Venerupis corrugata var. saxatilis syn. V. s. var. saxatilis.
The National Museum of Wales, to where should all go for some confirmation, uses the old name Tapes corrugata.
There are 17 other synonyms to choose from, so what will it be next year?

So now see this