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Are these mirabelle plums ?

Observed: 8th August 2011 By: michael jenkins

a very old fruit tree
in the lawns of the estate of council flats
where i live
apparently the land used to be smallholdings
this could have been one of their trees ?
i saw it blossom in the spring
i thought it was cherry
i saw the green fruit growing
i thought it was cherry
i found the fruit ripened
i was amazed
i thought it looked like
an apricot cherry plum ?
i am trying to learn about
cherries and plums
i only recently learned about
mirabelle plum
prunus domestica syriaca
myrobalan plum
cherry plum
prunus cersifera

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Have a look at my pictures

If it is a plum it should have a stone that is the same shape as the one in a shop bought plum and taste like plum but a little more tart.
You are new here so click on my user name and then on track and you will see prunus listed. Click on it and you will be able to see a wide range of different wild plums in many colors.
A photo of the leaves would help as well. We need to eliminate poisonous decorative plants too.
I never buy jam!


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well said

Was about to suggest the same about stone,have seen one similar in a very old orchard I did work in.I will have search in an old fruit book I have and see if I can find anything,but as Refugee said leaves would help.


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Have put it down as

Have put it down as P.cerasifera as suspect it might be a bit small for mirabelle plum. Am not very sure about this though.
Note that P. cerasifera is very common in some areas as its widely used in landscaping, here in MK its planted by the thousand along roads and in estates.