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Stoat Ilam Derbyshire

Observed: 6th August 2011 By: Yakkafoz
Stoat Ilam Aug 2011
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American Mink

a mink as head is bigger broader then you would get even in a black (melonistic) stoat

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Stoat (NOT!)

Thanks Derek - much appreciate the info.
I've been having a read about have invasive mink are.

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Stoats in Nidderdale

Over the years I've seen quite a few stoats in my area of rural North Yorkshire. I would be delighted to get a photo of one however it is highly unlikely that I will ever get one. I've seen them darting across roads in and out of dry stone walls, once I saw one dragging a rabbit. My wife saw a pair doing one of the famous stoat ';dances' a couple of miles from here - they were on the side of the road as she was driving by.
Incidentally I've never seen a mink and have no desire to do so !