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Hi everyone, just wanted to introduce myself. my names heather and i live in wigan. though its a busy town, i am lucky to have a big back garden and i also live near a wood, so there are plenty of opportunities to spot some wildlife!
I love flowers and animals and am finding the course very interesting. i have managed to find some lichens in my back garden and have taken some photos, but i have a problem-how do you post photos on the website? i have tried but it keeps telling me the photos are too big, and i cant work out how to make them smaller-as you can tell, i am new to the digital camera! so any advice would be appreciated.
would like to chat to anyone.
love heather



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Hello :-)

Hello Heather

I have just started the course too and am really enjoying it. I had the same problem with reducing my photo sizes. My husband had to help me but basically you need to bring up the photo and right click with the mouse. This should allow you to view the photos through a photo editing package. If you click on one of the packages it should then allow you to reduce the size to whatever you want. It's a bit tricky to explain but if you still have trouble, I would recommend giving the IT helpline a ring if you're with the OU. I called them about a similar problem and they were mega helpful. Happy lichen hunting. I have posted one pic so far but will send more as I go. Hayley xx