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Jonathan - Green Shield bug - 28th September 2008

Observed: 28th September 2008 By: Jonathan
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Shield bug
Green shieldbug Palomina prasina 12-10-2008 10-28-32

I have now found adults as well as a nymph (i.e. juvenile) of Palomina prasina, the Green shieldbug.
I looked it up on the Field Studies Council Guide to shieldbugs, but that guide doesn't illustrate many nymphs and these often look dissimilar to the adults, it seems. Hence Kitenet's comment when I first posted the observation of a nymph. Now I've seen clearly identifiable adults of the same species, its case closed!

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shieldbug nymph

I think you are very likely correct, but some of the other species have rather similar nymphs, so can't confirm it 100%, hence no goodspot this time. The best way to confirm it would be to find adults, which should be around very soon if not already.

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Hi Jonathan,Have a look at

Hi Jonathan,
Have a look at my nymph (I think it is 5th instar nymph?),maybe someone else has the other stages and we(iSpot members)can record all the different stages of metamorphosis!
I found this Id chart; I think it is very good for nymphs of shield Bugs.


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Definitely Palomina prasina.

Definitely Palomina prasina.