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subterranean data capture

Hi everybody,
I've been tinkering and have been thinking of making some gadgetry. So, I was thinking. I imagine some people must upload under water photography here. So, how about some subterranean photography and scans? So, you know on timeteam when they have geo-phys? Well, how about all those burrows and moles and worms and tree roots that we aren't seeing on ispot? Aren't we missing out on a lot of seasonal data from the "underworld"? I reckon i could come up with something that mapped at least a metre into the ground without even disturbing any soil or doing any digging. I reckon i could automate it too and leave it to do large areas.

I was also thinking of making a smallish glass bottom boat (not for people to sit in but instead some water proof computer equipment). It could be left to map a whole pond or lake. As long as the water wasn't torrid like the sea or rivers. Just calm bodies of water.

Are people here already uploading data from "below the surface" of land and water? I'd love to see it.



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It can be done

Ground penetrating radar with the printed circuit from a robotic lawn mower in it would do fine for the land but there would need to be an attendant to prevent it being stolen. The water can be done more cheaply with an under water camera from a local store and a radio controlled model boat to tow it. You would need someone to change the batteries and memory sticks though.