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Why no quadrat category or tag?

Hi everybody. How come ispot has no quadrat image section? I know we all generally take a picture of an idividual organism, fungi, plant, invertibrate, whatever. But how come we can't take a quadrat picture?

I searched the forum and found this thread:

And so somebody has suggested quadrat picture-taking with smartphones, so why no quadrat option? Or is there actually one but I just cannot see it because I'm being a bit dim?

The reason i just asked this is because I was considering making a quadrat mounted usb microscope which ran of a net book and a usb interface board (, connected to motors to move the microscope in across a 2D array (i.e a grid on a quadrat), taking a picture of each cell (or quadrat section, whatever they're called). Then there would be one huge composite hi res image, or at least a series of many photos.

So, no quadrat tag? :(



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I am really not sure that I

I am really not sure that I know what you mean by a quadrat photo, but if you want to tag observations with this, you can just do so. Any tag can be added to any of your own observations.

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