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Bee mimic

Observed: 5th August 2011 By: parrylutraparrylutra’s reputation in Invertebratesparrylutra’s reputation in Invertebrates
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Thanks for the ID. Out of

Thanks for the ID. Out of interest what features indicated that it is E.intricarius? I knew it was an Eristalis sp, but I've seen quite a few E.intricarius and thought this might was something different as the shape wasn't right and it did not have a white tail. I suspected it could be E.arbustorum, but wasn't sure.

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The first picture does look like Eristalis intricarius, though the angle is not great. The second picture is surely not that species, though: It is too pointed in the abdomen, lacks the clear yellowish scutellum and the 'fur' on the thorax. It looks more like E.tenax, but I would not put an ID to it.


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In the field, I find the completely orange scutellum the most obvious feature, as far as I know all the other Eristalis species have dark scutellums.

You are right about the second picture - it is a different fly / species - I just looked at the first pic for the ID. I'd have to say Eristalis sp. for this one.

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Dam, thought I had successfully tracked it to the next flower. Clearly I hadn't.

Thanks for the input