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scary things

post what you think which animals are scary and which arnt also try to post some photos



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Scary Animals

Hi Roe Deer have quite a scary call when you first hear them. I also think the Barn owl call sounds like someone is being murdered. Actually I have never heard anyone being murdered but I have a good sense of imagination!



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Perhaps I'm a wimp, but the things that most regularly scare me in the British countryside are wasps (i.e. the stinging social wasps) - I haven't actually been stung for many years, but I get really nervous around them.

Entomologist and biological recorder

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Frogs and toads

I have no problem with them but quite a few people I know are quite phobic about them and won't do anything which might mean they see one. They can jump quite suddenly if disturbed and maybe the feel of them could have something to do with it, I suppose.


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My silly border terrier

My silly border terrier scares me the most, particularly when he does things like give an adder a kiss, or eat a wasp! Other than that, wasps also scare me. Why do they feel the need to chase you?! A friend thinks british wildlife is boring because it's not dangerous like australia for instance! Takes all sorts I suppose.

Abbey Burn
OU Student BSc Natural Sciences

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I'm scared of these. I know bees are not likely to sting you but if they get a bit too close I just run for it lol! Plus big spiders, cliche I know but there's just something about them that gives me the creeps! But I'm much better than I used to be :-D

I can understand people being afraid of toads/frogs but I just find them fascinating.


OU Student

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Scary things

People in the countryside scare me the most, especially when I'm leading them on a field trip! Why do teenage boys feel the need to lean over high cliffs and spit or climb the first tree they see and swing from a branch, upside down!

For some strange reason, whenever I see an adder I have this urge to get closer and even pick it up - needless to say I never have. I'm not scared of wasps but I do treat them with a great deal of respect, especially at this time of the year when they are at their most aggressive. I think people are scared of them because, unlike bees, they can be unpredictable and iff you swat at them they swat at you!

Other than that I don't think there is anything in Britain I'm scared of. However, I was, apparently scared of daddy-long-legs as a kid.

Graham Banwell

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As much as I try not to be frightened.... ooh they do scare me! My garden is full of them.


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I don't worry about spiders ,

I don't worry about spiders , but I can't stand earwigs! I think its the pincer things . . .

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Wasps, maggots and ticks

I am scared of wasps as most people are for their stinging ability.

However, more a gross thing than scary, but Rat tailed maggots are kind of disgusting and scary looking

and what really scares me especially more when in the US is ticks. I'm sure most people worry when a few of these tiny critters get attached to them

Graeme Davis

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Human beings

Other humans are scary and more destructive and can be more nasty than any other animal species

Colin Jacobs.
Wild Flower Society member

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Weaver fish

As a boy, whenever we went shrimping, the old boy we borrowed the net of would warn us about weaverfish in the shallow water.
I still don't like going into the sea unless I'm wearing footwear of some sort.

p.s. I've never even seen a weaverfish.

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Scary things

The most frightening noise is that of muntjac deer barking in the woods at night. There is a really eerie edge to their call, not what you would expect from such a pretty little creature, sounds just like something from a horror film.
Apart from that, hands down, the winner , the wasp!!!


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scary things

I really don't like earwigs. It's that shiny colour and those horrid pincer things at the back. I have loads in my garden and 1 or 2 in the house sometimes.