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Observed: 9th August 2011 By: Pamela
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Possible Bidens sp

More information from a BSBI recorder - Possibly Bidens cernua or B. connata. Need seeds to be certain. Possibly brought in with bird seed. You can get lots of Bidens coming up in spring from seed the birds dont eat.
PS Interestingly, B. cernua has been recorded round Lough Neagh, including Portmore (where this was found (pre1888)), according to the Antrim Rare Plant Register. B. connata is not listed.
So that suggested cernua is correct.
Will look for seeds later to check it.
Thanks for the help.

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Bidens connata

This does not have rayed flowers. It is rare plant in the London area and Cheshire and has not yet been found in Ireland. Not sure why you mention it.