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Dead fly

Observed: 21st July 2011 By: spacemouses
dead fly

Found on top of a buttercup. I think the white 'stuff' coming out of it is a fungus. Am I correct and if so - what sort? What is the fly?

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Not sure what the fly is, but it is infected by a fungus. It may be Entomophthora, which is common at the moment. Melanostoma hoverflies are often found at the top of grass stems, with white 'fur' growing through the abdominal segments.


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Highly likely to be Entomophthora, but it can be tricky to tell. I found similar specimens last year and sent them to the county fungus recorder who then forwarded them to Kew as it's not previously been common on yellow dung-fly, so could be something not recorded in the UK for a while (or ever), but yet to be determined,


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Submit it again

Have a go at submitting it again in Fungi for the pathogen and see what the Fungi experts have to say about it.