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Buddleja or bee bush?

Observed: 9th August 2011 By: beatles_beetles
Buddleja or bee bush?

This is my Buddleja bush but with no butterfly’s but its packed with bubble and honey bees …I wonder if the butterflies are scared off by so many bees?
I like to think I’m doing my bit to help the bee population and also I’ve stud really close to it and never been stung.
My question is; its more like a tree than a bush and it was there 10 years ago when we moved in and over the road is one with purple blooms but hardly any insects on it so is there different varieties that attract more?

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Butterfly bush or not

I've noticed that buddleias don't seem to have as many butterflies on as they used to - I suspect that it may be an indicator of how many butterflies there are (or aren't), but I don't know.

I have also noticed that butterflies like some buddleias more than others - when my mum bought a 'Black Knight' (probably late 70s?) we were disappointed to find that although it looked lovely - very dark flowers - the butterflies seemed to prefer the paler ones. Though I suspect it is more to do with how much nectar they produce rather than the colour?

Bees do seem to really like them too.