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How recent?

Just starting out in here and I would like to clear up a couple of points before I begin adding content to the site.
I have a number of photographs of local wildlife which were taken some time back. Can I post these as observations or should they all be recent ones? If that is the case, what qualifies as recent please?



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If they are interesting I'm

If they are interesting I'm sure people would be interested. I'd be interested in any amphibian and reptile observations no matter how old...

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There does ...

... not seem to be any hard and fast rule, I have seen people systematically loading observations that are several years old. My personal opinion is that I don’t believe it to be productive just to load a tranche of old photos for the sake of it however if you have a photo of something you have puzzled over or been unsure about then there should be no time limit.


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I agree

I agree, anything that requires identification or confirmation should have no time limit, even if it's a glass plate image that your great grandfather took! :-)

I think the issue of uploading old identified images is an unavoidable consequence of using gamification (badges, reputations, etc.) on the site. Many people naturally want to have a good 'score', and they want it now rather than later, so they will upload historical images with known IDs to get the agreements they need. I guess the same could be said to apply to contemporary uploads with 'sure' IDs.

I've now settled into a style of only uploading what I need identifying or confirming. Unless it is something of particular interest such as unusual behaviour/location, or a species not yet on iSpot. However, I wouldn't want to stop newer users uploading old and/or known species to enjoy the fun of getting some reputation badges. There's room for all, and us 'old hands' can skip over those 7-spots from 1996! :-)

(Hope nobody has really uploaded any 7-spots for 1996, that was meant to be fictional...)


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One thing to consider when uploading is the long term ambition of distribution mapping in iSpot. For this reason I tend to upload for all species observed on a new site and new species for a site, in addition I’ll upload on a seasonal basis. Then of course there is all the behavioural type images plus juveniles and so on.

And I would not be at all surprised to find that 7-spot.



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you can add observations from

you can add observations from any date but its good to be as accurate as possible about filling in all the details and often with older observations you can't remember the details or did not write them down at the time. I do put on older observations (when i get round to it) as well as new ones but with the older ones its generally only ones where I have all the details and fairly precise location information. If I saw a plant or mushroom growing in a place 20 or 30 years ago can someone find it again now. Fortunately I always wrote the location on the picture and have the date to within a couple of weeks. Not as good as today's gps located images with time to the second but still useful.