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Observed: 8th August 2011 By: Chris NewberryChris Newberry’s reputation in InvertebratesChris Newberry’s reputation in Invertebrates
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bee or wasp sized hover fly

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Volucella zonaria

Thanks for the identification. What are the key things to look for with this species?

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Volucella zonaria

For one thing, it is huge! It mimics a Hornet and is the same sort of size. It has a chestnutty thorax, and the base of the abdomen is similar, though the last couple of segments are yellow. If you have a look through the other pics, above, it will give you a good idea. There is a similar species, Volucella inanis, but that has all segments on the abdomen yellow and is smaller. It is very much a southern species and has only been in South Wales for a few years, I believe.


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