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Yellow Flower

Observed: 30th July 2011 By: ShreeShree’s reputation in PlantsShree’s reputation in Plants
Yellow Flower
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Leaves please

Any pictures of the basal leaves as hard to Id this species without,it's a type of Hawkbit(daisy family)


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I'll get some pics of the

I'll get some pics of the leaves shortly. Got a bit carried away with my macro.

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The late Miles Kington

The late Miles Kington created the best taxonomy for these (and the mass of similar) plants: Yellow Meadow Things. I identify that species aggregate frequently, and as a result never lose sleep after a field trip!



recording wildlife with The Recorder's Year on

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Good idea

That is what I will class them as from now on, sound's more interesting.


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I wonder how many hoverfly records of yellow/black strippy insects that we shall get past you... chuckle.