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First spotted out to sea and then was lucky enough to be able to watch as they came onto the rocky shore.
Is this an adult with its fully grown cub?
The last photo was of a collection of invertebrates that I assume would be evidence of previous otter meals - however , I am not sure about this.

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Wow! You were really lucky to

Wow! You were really lucky to get such a good view.

University of Edinburgh and Biodiversity Observatory (OU)

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We certainly were.

The trick on Shetland seems to be: go for a walk and don't go looking for otters and you will see some!


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Great shots! We just

Great shots! We just returned from the west of Scotland where we were also lucky enough to see otters. One thing that struck me was how inconspicuous they can be amongst the brown sea-weed on the shore. It's really easy to overlook them if you don't see them swim in.

Jonathan Wallace

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It is more likely to be a pair with the male sticking close to the female because she is pregnant or on heat. I've seen them do this on the river Derwent outside my house; once with a juvenile in tow. The male kept breaking off to chase it away, the younger animal made such a pathetic noise because it was being deprived of, I assume, the security of its mother.

Graham Banwell

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