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Unidentifeid caterpiller no2 (3)

Observed: 12th August 2010 By: Nigel RogersNigel Rogers’s reputation in Invertebrates
Unidentifeid caterpiller no2 (3)
Unidentifeid caterpiller no2 (3) 1

Despite distinctive markings, I still can't find an exact match. The closest I have found is a Privet Hwkmoth but I am not convinced.

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Eupithecia satyrata

I like your thinking but... The photos I have seen show markings along the sides. This one didn't. (I shall try and post another photo...)

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Unidentified caterpillar No. 2

A photo I have of the Chamomile Shark larva(Cucullia chamomillae) matches quite well. A possibility?

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Cucullia chamomillae

Thanks for your input but I think the Satyr Pug is closer..I am just wondering if this caterpillar has different stages of development and the one I have captured is an early form ?