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Observed: 7th August 2011 By: Nigel RogersNigel Rogers’s reputation in Invertebrates
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Wings speckled and dark markings on legs

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Speckled crane fly

I have had a look on NBN and cross-referenced the Genus name with photos found on the internet and as far as I can see this family all show a single spot on each wing. The one I have found has about five smallish spots on each wing instead. I now think it unlikely thatit is from the genus Nephrotoma. :(

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Speckled Crane Fly

After more research I have found a close match in Tipula varipennis. It is certainly in the area and the veination, wing spots and general colouration is correct. The dark banding on the legs is less than shown in my photo. So unless we have an expert present I shall assume that this is the species.