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Scottish Wild Cat

Observed: 7th August 2011 By: KevbertKevbert’s reputation in MammalsKevbert’s reputation in Mammals
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Wildcat? You sure?

It looks a bit 'lightweight' and 'flimsy' for a wildcat. I can't see the tail, which I'd expect to be bushy and ringed.

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wild cat

one of the many wild cats at the British Wildlife Park. which can be seen if you zoom in on the map

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It is not possible to name

It is not possible to name this as a true wildcat from the picture, so you are relying on whoever labelled the cage, I suspect. See for the up-to-date info on this, and the extreme difficulty of identifying Wildcats from hybrids. For what it is worth, the beast in the picture does not shout 'Wildcat' at me.



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Syrphus is right in what he says. This cat does not have the right banding to be a true wild cat, though I do think there is a hint of a bushy tail (bottom left on the original photo). I suspect the poor thing is very old and has cataracts, often a symptom of worse things. This could explain its skinny appearance.

Unfortunately the distinguishing marks are all on the back of the animal but we should be able to see strong banding on the legs and on the shoulder.

Of course saying this if I am right and this is a very old, ill animal then the fur could be faded and the clear banding missing. However, I suspect this is a hybrid.

I looked up the British Wildlife Centre web site and the one they have on there looks even more like a hybrid.

Graham Banwell

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