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New moss and liverwort book

There is an excellent new fieldguide to the mosses and liverworts of britain from the British Bryological Soc. You can see many of the species accounts on the above website but the book itself is very nice with keys to species, very good photos and descriptions of all 750+ species.
I do have some slight criticisms such as there being no index to common names, I suspect these common names were invented quite recently and are not widely used so they did not bother to put the index in. But, as with fungi, an index by genus and species and common name can be very useful especially when your memory is not very good (like mine) and you only remember part of the name.
One very useful aspect of the descriptions is the similar species section which, as you might expect, points you to similar species. A couple of times I've keyed out one species but then checked the description and its not that one but one of the others listed in the similar species section.
I should say that I know little about bryophytes but this book is something that I have been waiting for for many years - somethign that makes them accessible to all.



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Bryophyte Field Guide.

I have to just add a note to say I agree with the previous comment about this book, having previously no experience with Bryophytes ever, i have found this book invaluable to use with my Ecology practical ID skills assignment, For some mad reason I chose to study Mosses.
This book has been my bible, and its set out in an easy to use and understandable format.