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Fruticose lichen

Observed: 13th February 2010 By: smah6
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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? fruticose lichen

grey green bushy lichen


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possible identification

Could this be Pulmaria sulcata. It has very leafy leaves.

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No, its neither Parmelia

No, its neither Parmelia sulcata nor a Pulmonaria (you've slightly muddled the names in your comment).

Did you notice (or can you go back and check) whether the lobes are the same colour on both surfaces or whether they are paler on the under side?

Evernia prunastri and Ramalina farinacea are very similar but Evernia has lobes that are usually whitish beneath.

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Fruticose lichen

Thanks Jenny

It is lighter underneath. So it is proably Evernia prunastri

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Evernia Prunastri

If this is positively identified as Evernia Prunastri then it is a foliose lichen and not Fruticose