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ID request, speckled fledgling

Unfortunately cat has caught a fledgling, which has died. I cannot ID the fledgling, so any help appreciated and apologies that I do not know proper physiological terms:

full set of feathers
head: dark, speckled/marbled brown
wing: black near stem, then brown with creamy white outside edge
underbelly: pale white/grey

slightly larger than a sparrow/robin - not as big as a fledged blackbird

straight, medium thickness and definitely not a finches beak

two inches long - again speckled, marbled brown

Was it simply a very young blackbird?

Thank you.



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It does sound like -

a blackbird. On the other hand, most fledglings look bigger than the adults because of the downy feathers, so size can be misleading.
Robin fledglings are also speckled like this, and don't develop the red breast until later in the year.

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Sorry, I think it's a blackbird. It really sounds like one anyway, but I'm no expert.


From the wise old owl!

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Blackbird or robin

Blackbird or robin. Description of bill suggests blackbird. Impossible to say without a photo.