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White Admiral butterfly

Observed: 17th July 2008 By: yorkieyorkie’s reputation in Invertebratesyorkie’s reputation in Invertebratesyorkie’s reputation in Invertebratesyorkie’s reputation in Invertebrates
White Admiral IMG
 White Admiral

Found in my conservatory, and later photographed released in my garden

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great observation

What a fantastic opportunity to observe this species close-up. Is there a colony of them near to you, or was this one wandering from its breeding grounds?

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A wanderer, I think

Since we retired to the Forest of Dean 5 years ago, we've seen occasional White Admiral's at a small number of locations within the forest, but the nearest to our home in Lydney, which is on the periphery of the forest, has been about 3 miles away. Consequently, it was a real surprise to find this individual in the conservatory. However, not having seen them nearby previously (or since), I suspect it was a wanderer.