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Greater Knapweed

Observed: 5th August 2011 By: hilaryphilaryp’s reputation in Plantshilaryp’s reputation in Plantshilaryp’s reputation in Plantshilaryp’s reputation in Plants

These plants were growing in a hedgerow beside the road and were about 80cms high. Deep purple-red flowers, I drove past this morning and the verges had been mown and they have all been cut down.

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So sad

I wonder if it was private or council who did it,if it was the council I would have thought they would wait till late August as my local council does,then it give the plants time to seed.I wish people would think before they obliterate thing's , at least you captured there beauty before they were mown down.Just noticed it is Slaley not sure if that is CoDurham or Northumberland council,but lot's of private land around there too.


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Sad indeed

Thanks Fenwickfield, I think the minor roads round here are cut by contractors on behalf of the Northumberland County Council. I was very disappointed they had been cut down before setting seed too.