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Observed: 28th October 2009 By: Conor ReidConor Reid’s reputation in InvertebratesConor Reid’s reputation in Invertebrates

aphids and eggs on an oak tree

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Nice pics of a spectacular

Nice pics of a spectacular aphid. There are two species of Lachnus on oak. Both are large and brown with long legs. L. roboris is the commoner of the two species and is distinguished by the hairy,conical siphunculi. You cannot see the hairs in the photos but the conical shape is visible. The other possible species is L. longirostris. The spihunculi on this species are less conspicuous so this would suggest that L. roboris is the more likely species.
Lachnus spp have brown clouded areas on the wings of the alates. You can just see this in one of the photos.