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Crane fly 5

Observed: 6th August 2011 By: pglwilliamspglwilliams’s reputation in Invertebrates
Crane fly 5
Crane fly 5 1
Crane fly 5 1 2

I'm afraid that I am not quite convinced. There is a pronounced bulge at the end of the abdomen which doesn't seem to match any of the photos of the suggested IDs. The abdomen is very slender. Three more photos attached.

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Nephrotoma spp

A Cranefly Family Nephrotoma

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pglwillams - when you say "three more photos" do you mean these are additional photos of the same specimen that you posted in:

It is always possible to add extra photos to a single Observation if this situation arises again, by clicking on the "Edit" tab towards the top of the observation in question, and uploading additional photos.

The 'bulge' at the end of the abdomen is the male genitalia, and assuming this individual was dead when photographed it's possible that the bulge appears bigger than it does on a live specimen, as the rest of the abdomen (which is largely a hollow tube) has a tendency to shrink as it dries out, whereas the genitalia segments contain solid structures and thus don't shrink so much.

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