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Chalk-hill Blue Butterflies

Observed: 5th August 2011 By: KevbertKevbert’s reputation in InvertebratesKevbert’s reputation in InvertebratesKevbert’s reputation in Invertebrates
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There were dozens of these butterflies warming up first thing in the morning on the chalk downs.

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Lovely photos!

I love blue butterflies, especially when the sun shines on them!

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Taking pictures

Normally I have problems taking butterflies with their wings open as the fly off as soon as I get near. In this case they hadn't warmed up enough to fly away !!!

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I can never get good photos either. I don't get many butterflies to start with! I think the harsh winter didn't do them much good.

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Not many butterflies

I only see one or two white butterflies in the garden. There is a lack of butterflies around in the garden compared with previous years even though I've got Buddleia (the butterfly bush) growing in the garden. I've now started a small plot with wild flowers and nettles and hopefully this will encourage them. All my butterfly observations are in places with masses of wild flowers.