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Tanner Beetle

Observed: 3rd August 2011 By: martin.j.tattersallmartin.j.tattersall’s reputation in Invertebratesmartin.j.tattersall’s reputation in Invertebrates
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This creature flew in through the open window into my lighted room late in the evening. It made a terrific racket, buzzing like a chainsaw at idle. I attempted to shepherd it back out, without success. When I got up, there it was floating drowned in the washing up bowl. I had assumed it was a Cockchafer, but this proved not to be the case when I had a close look. It was around 30mm long.

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Thanks Altus silva for the ID. Can you spare a moment to point out the features that distinguish my beast from Cebrio gigas? Always on the look out for tips. Thanks, Martin

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Cebrio are (almost) Click Beetles...

... So they have hind angles of pronotum very elongated and a pointed backwards prosternum (clearly missing in photo n.2). Also, C. gigas has yellow femora, more slender tarsi and despite the name the male reaches 20 mm at most.

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Altus silva, I do appreciate you taking the time to explain the relevant features - all brilliant learning points for me. Very many thanks. Martin